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Please inform me if you find a broken link. Thank you.

May 10, 2009 - Links have been revised after 3 years, no broken one was found. :)

Sumo Pages on the Internet

The new Sumo Forum with a lot of features. Language of communication is basically in English, but there are subforums in other languages as well. If you want one in your language, contact the owner.
Abe-san knows very-very much about sumo, he always can reply almost any question.
Shiroi Kuma is a sumo wrestler (amateur sumo) from the Czechlands, visit his interesting website which has very much information about sumo, and lots of pictures can be found here.
Leonishiki Sumo 		Room This is the best Spanish-language sumo site on the Net. Don't worry, it's bilingual.
You can find a lot of information and tons of photos of this great man.
Michiyo's Sport Page. You can find news about sumo here, as well as about other sports.
Data of wrestlers in Makushita division and other statistics
The Almighty Nihon Sumo Kyokai Home Page. Tons of information. If you know Japanese, then rather use the Japanese section, it's much more detailed than the English one.
Win-loss matrixes, banzukes and other useful information are here.
Check this site every week, you can find some hundreds of sumo links here.

Links to Japan

There are many links to Japanese websites and naturally it's not a collection of them here. You can find some of my favorite links only.

Virtual tour to Edo. Wonderful work of Ken Matsushima guides you to capital of the Shogun. You can download beautiful ukiyoe pictures from the gallery of the Castle.

Do you know Japanese? Then you will highly value this site. If you don't, you still can find something to read. Japanese literature.

Mapion. A very detailed clickable map of Japan. The site is in Japanese.

MapFanWeb. Actually the same as above, but it is a nicer one.

Other links:


NJSTAR Website

1. You can download a great proggie which helps you to see Japanese characters of websites, but of any text as well.
2. You can find here a very good Japanese (and a Chinese one, if you need) text editor, which finely works on non-Japanese systems.


"In trying to read e-mail in Japanese have you ever seen garbage like the following?


Japanese text send over the Internet or other networks is known to get corrupted sometimes. The main feature of E-tomo is to decode this kind of garbage for you."